No to glamour roles, says anchor Lasya


lasya-interview-PhotosAnchor Lasya is in high spirits about her character in her forthcoming film, Raja Meeru Keka. “I play a software engineer and the film revolves around four best friends and the relationship they share,” she says.

The anchor had been offered a few roles earlier, but she refused to take up glamour roles.

While the newly turned actress has done a lot of TV shows, she finds acting different. “I told the director that I don’t know anything about acting. He said that he will teach me, and I have just followed his instructions,” she says, adding, “Anchoring needs lot of energy and spontaneity. Acting, on the other hand, has a lot of different shades.”

The actress started the film with a sentimental scene, playing off a conversation between a daughter and her father. It took her a while to get it right, but she’s confident that she’s done well. Lasya says she is choosy about scripts. “I don’t do glamourous roles. But if I find a role that has scope for performance, I’ll do.”

Recently married, Lasya talks about her husband, Manjunath. “We studied and also worked together. I consult him before I sign a film. He is a good judge of scripts and supports me unconditionally.”