No, Jeevitha Didn’t Do Any Mistake


Rajasekhar-With-JeevithaLooking at the way hero Rajasekhar functions, especially by depending on his wife Jeevitha even for a small pep talk such that he will get some prompting, one wonders if many of his flops are due to her. In that context, media folks asked him, if Jeevitha is really a correct director for him.

Explaining about the four films that are handled by Jeevitha in director’s capacity, Rajasekhar says that there is nothing wrong with her side. “No, Jeevitha didn’t do any mistake. For Seshu, even the original Sethu director Bala appreciated her directorial abilities. Coming to Khakhee remake Satyameva Jayathe, picking a Hindi version that was seen by many Telugu people on home videos was a mistake. And the original is a multi-starrer film but we didn’t rope such star cast. Evadaithe Nakenti was also directed by Jeevitha, though Samudra was there on set for just namesake. Jeevitha is not a failure as a director but maybe as a producer”, he said.

Also, Rajasekhar confirmed that “I only force Jeevitha to direct films while she never asks for it”. Whether some may see this as a pleasing answer to shut mouths of Jeevitha’s critics, and otherwise, Rajasekhar feels that Jeevitha took the place of his mother and never she will guide him in the wrong direction.