No Lip-lock and Bikini for Me: Kriti Sanon


Kriti-SanonThese days, Lip-lock and Bikini sequences have become quite common in movies. Even actors aren’t shying away from indulging in on-screen romance and excessive skin show, especially those coming from the modelling field.

However, A One-Film Old Actress who is also a well-known model claims she isn’t not okay with love making or swimwear shots. Guess, who is she? She is none other than Kriti Sanon who romanced Mahesh Babu in her debut flick ‘1 – Nenokkadine’.

Kriti explains she  isn’t comfortable with such sequences as her family too will be watching her films. She claims to be having a clear understanding on the fine line between looking glamorous and vulgar. Hence, the hottie wishes to be in her limits when it comes to such matters.

The ‘1 – Nenokkadine’ star comes from a family of Academicians. So, She doesn’t want to hurt the feeling of the people close to her heart by indulging in indescent acts.