No Liplocks For Mahanati


The majority of the modern generation heroines are so flexible and they act as per the ‘story demand’. They will not object the director for glamorous appearances and bikini scenes. They are even open to liplocks as well. Surprisingly, ‘Mahanati’ Keerthy Suresh is saying that she is not comfortable with romantic scenes and liplocks.

She recently revealed her discomfort while acting in romantic scenes. She said that she is basically a shy person and she is not comfortable in romantic scenes. She said that she will not act in liplock scenes and no one asked her to act in such scenes till now. When a heroine got good acting skills and her films are turning out to be super hits at the box office, no one will pressurise her for lip-locks.

But we have to wait and see how long she can maintain this kind of rules. As of now, there is no need for her to act in liplocks because she is enjoying the star status and big heroes are showing interest to act with her.