No Liplocks, No Brand Endorsements..


The liplocks have become common in Tollywood at the moment. Till now, there is a myth that Telugu girls who become heroines won’t act n liplocks or bold scenes. But a new Telugu girl Priya Vadlamani who starred in ‘Hushaaru’ movie broke this myth by acting in lip-lock scenes.

But now, a happening beauty is claiming that she is not interested in acting in kissing scenes. She is none other than ‘Fidaa’ beauty Sai Pallavi. The actress is saying NO to lip locks, intimate scenes and wearing short dresses. “As far as I’m concerned I don’t want to act lip-lock scenes and I don’t want to wear short dresses. I am not saying that I am against them but its just that I am not comfortable in those.” Said Sai Pallavi. “Also I don’t want to do brand endorsements and commercials. I am getting enough money with movies. So, I don’t want any other new ways to make more money” added Sai Pallavi.

We can say that heroines like Sai Pallavi are very rare. She is far different from the other heroines in the industry and maybe just like her character Bhanumathi in ‘Fidaa’, Sai Pallavi is also a single piece. Isn’t it?

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