No Membership! You’re Boycotted: MAA to Sri Reddy


Sri Reddy stripped at the Film Chamber demanding the membership of Movie Artistes Association (MAA). The Budding Actress claims she is a celebrity now upon acting in three films already and needn’t have to pay Rs 1 lakh for obtaining MAA Membership.

Movie Artiste Association (MAA) Members convened a meeting Today to discuss on the Sri Reddy issue. MAA President Shivaji Raja informed there are specific guidelines which has been followed since years for issuing membership and anybody has to abide by the rules. Terming the strip-tease of Sri Reddy as something really disturbing, He made it clear MAA offers membership only after scrutiny as thousands of people enter Industry every year. ‘We will never offer membership to Sri Reddy,’ he asserts.

Shivaji Raja made it clear MAA turned down the application of Sri Reddy seeking membership and none of the 900 existing members of the association are gonna act with her. He accused Sri Reddy of enacting drama and speaking lies for the sake of publicity. He cautioned that MAA would boycott anybody who shares screen space with Sri Reddy apart from cancelling their membership.

Hero Srikanth who claimed to have never seen such a disturbing incident in the Telugu Film Industry before has welcomed the latest move of MAA.