No! ‘Srimanthudu’ Should Not Run for That Many Days!


SrimanthuduPrince Mahesh’s ‘Srimanthudu’ collected a share of Rs.83 crores in its full run. The movie has recently completed its 50 days run in 89 direct centers. It’s now heard that Mahesh’s fans, with the support of the makers, are planning to run the movie for maximum number of days in two to three theaters across both the Telugu states.

We have exclusively been informed that the movie is being planned to run for 180 days directly in Lakshman theater of Emmiganore in Ceded. But how far this is fair a movie getting marathon run without collections is the point to be discussed.

Incidentally,, Mahesh has maximum number of movies which ran for jubilees and hundred days in Sudharshan theater of RTC X Roads. Some of those films were worth to be run while some of those were disasters at the box office. According to movie patrons, if any movie runs without deficits for 70 days, it can be run for 100 days. Likewise, if any movie runs without deficit for more than 125 days, it would be a good deal the move running for 175 days. Else, the movies do not deserve for long run.