No Touching Scenes, Please: Pawan Kalyan


katamarayudu-new-posters-1Has the Interval Block of ‘Katamarayudu’ been altered after receiving inputs from Powerstar?

According to the sources, Pawan Kalyan made changes to the Interval Sequence of ‘Katamarayudu’ as per his convenience. In the Tamil version ‘Veeram’, Ajith carries Tamanna who gets injured to the hospital. In the Telugu Remake, The punch Shruti Haasan receiving from the goons isn’t big enough to make her collapse. So, There is no necessity for Powerstar to carry the leading lady on his shoulders.

Few people express the doubt over Pawan Kalyan’s health condition here.  Pawan has been suffering from back pain since few years and hence he doesn’t want to take any risk.

Some others say, Pawan Kalyan is always uncomfortable with the scenes which demand physical contact with his Co-Stars. So, This possibility can’t be ruled out either.