No Words.. Only Sounds..


Out of all the genres, the majority of the audience gets attracted towards horror and thriller films. If the film scares the audience then it will become a hit. But these days most of the horror movies are also embedding comedy and are becoming horror comedies. As the horror comedy films trend became routine, the filmmakers are now eyeing on horror films.

More than the visuals, sound scares the people in horror films. To prove that one can give a spine-chilling experience to the audience focusing only on sound, Mercury movie is going to hit the theatres. Prabhu Deva played the main lead in this movie. Though it is originally made in Tamil, it is a no language film which means there won’t be any dialogues. Only sounds play the key role in the story. The trailer itself shows how to scare people just with the sounds. The director succeeded in making the audience to get goosebumps just with the trailer.

Director Karthik Subbaraj stated that fear does not have any language and that is why they are going to release the movie in other languages as well. This kind of experimental movie is going to hit the theatres after 30 years. “I believe that only Prabhu Deva can justify the lead role and I wrote this script keeping him in mind. As there won’t be any dialogues, we used high standards in other technical aspects,” revealed Karthik Subbaraj.