Not cashing in on Mahesh Babu’s popularity: ‘Superstar Kidnap’ director


Mahesh-Babu-popularityDebutant director Sushanth Reddy says forthcoming Telugu release “Superstar Kidnap”, a crime-comedy about kidnapping Mahesh Babu, is a conceptual film not intended to cash in the popularity of the star actor.

“When you watch films like ‘Being John Malkovich’, you realise that these are stories about real people that are fictionalised. Our film falls in such a category. When you watch the film, you will understand what we’ve tried to attempt,” Reddy told.

“It’s about three youngsters who have come to a certain situation where they decide to kidnap Mahesh Babu. It’s about the circumstances that evolve out of the kidnapping and how the characters come out of it,” he said.

What makes “Superstar Kidnap” unique is the fact that something like that hasn’t been done before.

“If our experiment clicks, who knows, it may introduce audiences to a new genre. I’ve not made this film to cash in on Mahesh Babu’s popularity, as I’m one of his biggest fans and I’d never do such a thing,” he added.

According to Reddy, his film is a comedy entertainer that’s equally different.

Asked if Mahesh himself has played a cameo or not, he said: “Whether he is kidnapped or not, you will have to wait and watch. Only when you watch the film, will you understand how we’ve brought the Mahesh Babu connect in the story.”