Not colorful Pawan Kalyan, only police?


Sardaar-Gabbar-Singh-1Whenever Pawan Kalyan is spotted on the shooting sets of Sardaar Gabbar Singh, he is only seen in police attire. So this is now creating a curiosity, about the number of police scenes in the film.

Gabbar Singh is no doubt a cop subject. But even though Pawan was spotted in many other colorful dresses in the movie. But it seems, the case is different in Sardaar Gabbar Singh movie.

Right from the start of the project, Pawan is only seen in police get up. So regarding this, there are several talks going on, in the Film Nagar, which is proving that, Pawan would be mostly seen in the police get up in the movie.

However, there are speculations saying that, Pawan might have acted in all the police scenes of the movie in Hyderabad and headed to Gujarat, for shooting other scenes in different attire. Proving this, a few days ago, an image which showed Pawan in Gujarat, in a different attire, was out.

In that attire, Pawan neatly tucked his shirt in jeans, but whereas Gabbar Singh has colorful and fancy costumes.

On the other side, along with the police get up, even there are many buzzes about Pawan’s beard get up, in which he was seen in a few of the political meetings, before starting the shooting for Sardaar Gabbar Singh movie.

So fans are making several speculations about Pawan get up in the colorful costumers and expecting him to be as colorful as in the first part, even in this new movie.

So, hope Pawan releases a new colorful poster in the coming days, unlike police poster again.

Below are a few of the incidents, where Pawan is continuously spotted in police attire.