Not Cutout, Content Is Important


Sai Dharam Tej has been facing a major downfall in his career right now. After scoring super hits like Subramanyam for sale and Supreme, this mega nephew is disappointed with the outcomes of his past few films. He kept all his expectations on Intelligent under the direction of VV Vinayak but the movie became a disaster and dented his image.

So, to Grab the attention of the audience Tej has been planning to look to get Pawan Kalyan attend the audio function of his upcoming movie. We already know that Pawan Kalyan has bid his goodbye to films and is only looking after his political works. Now, it has become a mystery whether he will attend the event or not. Frankly speaking, the reason why Tej’s movies became flop is not lack of fans support but because of the content. The audience has already got bored of the routine stories and Tej is not ready to do something different. Even if Pawan attended the event, based on the promotions of the movie, it will collect well on the first day but from the second day onwards the only thing that makes the movie hit is obviously the content.

If Tej movies are creating records in terms of rates or getting good openings, all the credit will go to the Mega fans. None of the Mega heroes has ever commented against Tej. So, instead of making a point that he has their support, the fans are suggesting him to better focus on the content of his movies. He still has the tagline of the Mega Hero and if the content is that bad the audience will not even watch Pawan Kalyan movie. Tej should realize this very soon and focus on this story lines of his upcoming movie