We’re not encouraging nepotism: Rama Rajamouli


Rama-RajamouliSS Rajamouli is accused of bringing his family into the film production and not working with outsiders as much as he does with his family members. Many accuse him of turning a blind eye to other talented people and only sticking with his family members. Well, the whole family was part of the Magnum opus, Bahubali in some or the other way. Wife of Rajamouli and his creative fashion designer took an offense to these statement and answered rather strongly.

Rama Rajamouli gave an interview to a web channel and she answered the question very seriously. She said, “What is wrong in whole family working on one film? We are not picking or pushing those who cannot work or who are not qualified to work at this level. We can dedicate hours about a movie and spend as much time as possible for the betterment. Can anybody question our dedication? Over 5 years, we spent 20 hours daily on one movie and one movie alone. Did we not give our best for the movie? We’re not here to encourage nepotism but when you’ve someone as passionate as you’re in your family, why would you look elsewhere?”

Well, she is right putting her point forward. It makes great sense too that to achieve such Marvels that Rajamouli is pulling off he needs lot of support from all corners and him having great support system in his family is really great and rare!