Not Even Close To Jurassic Park’s Quality


Manchu-VishnuKnown for revealing his opinion’s in very upright manner, Mohan Babu is always famous for them. Why would his kids travel in some other path other than dad’s footsteps? Taking exact clues from his father, even Manchu Vishnu talks the same. While promoting his latest movie “Dynamite”, Vishnu revealed what’s exactly happening with Tollywood.

“Problem with Tollywood is that we’re not inventing more than a wheel. We’ve to use the wheel and then invent new vehicles, but shouldn’t struck there”, says Vishnu, citing some examples from Hollywood. “They have made Benhur, then they came up with Titanic. When Troy came, they said any war film couldn’t get much bigger. But with 10% of Troy’s budget, they made ‘The 300’ movie”, he says, adding, “Tollywood is not being able to reproduce at least 1993’s release Jurassic Park, with Baahubali being an exception”. Vishnu felt that as Baahubali expanded both market and budget, everyone should avail its fruits.

Okay, Tollywood is not making quality films, but why is Vishnu taking Hollywood’s support to make his Kannappa movie, rather making something bigger and better with our own technicians? “To make a film like Kannappa, we need at least 100 crore rupees. I don’t have such sprawling budgets with me. To finish the film with more quality and in half of that cost, we need Hollywood support”, he avers, talking about Tanikella Bharani’s directorial venture.