Not Fans But Directors Asked Me to Lose Weight


Manjima-MohanRemember the voluptuous Malayali beauty Manjima Mohan, who played the leading lady of Naga Chaitanya in Gautham Menon’s ‘Sahasam Swasaga Saagipo’?

While the actress stole many hearts thanks to her endearing performance and naturally striking looks, some passed comments over her weight. It seems that the beautiful actress has finally slimmed down and it s not because of comments or pressure from fans but directors.

Manjima has revealed that she has never faced pressure from her fans to lose weight but that several directors suggested her to shed some kilos to bag films and also to look good beside young heroes on screen. Taking their suggestion seriously, she has shed that extra flab and has won rave reviews for her ravishing looks in her recently released Tamil film, ‘Sathriyan’.

Manjima confidently said that she can now wear whatever she wishes on screen. The slimmed down beauty hopes to sign more movies henceforth. Why not, with abundant talent, if she can control her weight issues, she will surely grab the attention of filmmakers.