It’s Not NTR.. just Fake Photo..


We can say that there is a strong connection between social media and cinema. Some people in their own way and post some illegal things about a film or celebrity by showing their creativity. But most of the news that appears on social media turns out to be fake. The heroes also just ignore the rumours as the fans are happy.

Recently a picture of Junior NTR went viral on the social media. In that picture we can see Taarak from behind doing workouts in the gym. From the past few months NTR has been taking training under the gym trainer L. Stevens. There was also a video that got circulated in the media in the past. Not only the actor but also Stevens got shocked to see them.

He might have surprised to see when did Taarak gained that body. However, he cleared the air claiming that those photos are on social media are fake. “Please kindly note this is a �€œFAKE�€ picture which someone has created … hats off to their creativity though” tweeted Lloyd Stevens and gave the clarity.