Now, Jagapati Babu’s autobiography On TV


Jagapati-BabuMan’s life is often compared with an ocean. Just like the rise and fall of the huge tidal waves, even a man’s life is full of ups and downs. However, one should not bow down to the pressures and must fight back in life. Because, just like each wave that falls down, rises up and reaches the shore, even a man’s life ends up reaching somewhere in the end of his destiny. This is the life’s only truth.

Based on this truth, a TV series inspired by actor Jagapati Babu’s life will be aired in a popular entertainment channel. This thirteen episode series has been named as Samudram. After starting off as an actor, Jagapati Babu experienced many ups and downs in his career. However, he never succumbed to the pressures and kept trying till he earned a place in every Telugu film lover’s heart.

Samudram will showcase the real incidents happened in Jagapati Babu’s life. All the unknown snippets of the actor’s real life and reel life will be shown in the series. This unique concept has not been explored by any Indian star until now.