Now, Manchu Vishnu Adopts 10 Villages


Manchu-vishnuFor the last couple of weeks, there has been a huge buzz surrounding Superstar Mahesh Babu adopting two villages, his native Burripalem and one in Telangana. Mahesh’s goodwill among his fans, common people and even politicians rose to an all-time high.

Not many know know that yet another Tollywood star, Manchu Vishnu, adopted as many as 10 villages in Chittoor.Vishnu adopted 10 villages in Chandragiri mandal in Chittoor. Vishnu is concentrating on providing basic amenities like education, water, toilets for girls in these villages and he even went along with his university professors and visited Shirpur in Maharashtra to examine how his friend’s family turned it into a model village.

The Manchu star has already built a toilet and plans to build more.Vishnu’s next move is to discuss his development plans with the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. Not stopping with this, Vishnu also formed a ‘Green Army’ team comprising of students from his education institutions, who will visit all the nearby villages and create awareness about sanitation.Such inspiring work by the Manchu hero is highly appreciated and let’s wish it inspires more stars to follow suit.