NPS: Who is Allu Arjun’s Father?


Arjun-Sarja-and-NPSPopular Tamil actor Arjun is playing a prominent role in Allu Arjun’s ongoing film Naa Peru Surya. According to our sources, Arjun Sarja will be seen as Allu Arjun’s father in the film. Already the first impact that was unveiled on New Year day saw the voice over of veteran actor Sarja.

Arjun is well-known to Telugu audiences with films such as Gentleman, Oke Okkadu, Jai Hind, Hanuman Junction etc. Buzz is that senior Arjun would have some military connection too. This one needs to watch and confirm.

While Arjun Sarja will be seen as Surya’s (Bunny’s) father, Rao Ramesh would be seen as his godfather. It is heard that the film would be totally gripping and writer-turned-director Vakkantham Vamsi is leaving no leaf unturned to make a splashy debut.

As producers have confirmed once again, Naa Peru Surya is going to release on April 27.