NTR is a big fan of Rajinikanth


NTR-Clears-Rumors-About-NexStar status has become a common word these days. If a hero bags a blockbuster, he will be called as a star hero, and the director becomes star director if his movie gets huge success. However, the word star is mighty, and not everyone can possess the word. South India Superstar Rajini Kanth is the perfect example for this.

Stars or celebrities have fans. But for Rajini, almost every star is a fan of him. From Bollywood Baadshah Shahrukh Khan to Tollywood Young Tiger Jr. NTR, everyone is a diehard fan of Rajinikanth. As a part of promotions of his film Jai Lava Kusa, Jr. NTR has been attending some interviews and sharing so many interesting things about him. When the interviewer asked him about his favorite hero in South, Tarak immediately responded and said, Rajinikanth. “I don’t watch Tamil movies much.  But I am a big fan of Superstar Rajini Kanth.” Said NTR.

“I like him not only because of Rajini Sir’s style but also the brightness that surrounds him when he is performing on screen. We just can’t even close our eyes for a second when Rajini is on screen. That’s why he is a superstar, and I am a big fan of him” added Tarak. He also stated that after Rajini he likes Ajith and watch his movies a lot.