NTR deserves the credit not Rajamouli: Rama


NTR-and-Rama‘Yama Donga’ is one movie Rama Rajamouli hasn’t liked at all. She firmly believes that this socio-fantasy flick became successful only because of Tarak.

When quizzed ‘Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?’, Rama replied: ‘Rajamouli narrated the story to Me 5 years ago. So, I couldn’t even remember why he did it. But, I liked the speculative version – ‘Baahubali himself asks Kattappa to kill him for the wellbeing of people in his kingdom”.

Responding on the controversial comments of Keeravani on Twitter, The Stylist said the Composer have the right to express his views.

Rama said she got very emotional when Keeravani sung, ‘Evvadanta Evvadanta Baahubali Thesindhi…Maa Pinni Ki Puttadu Ee Nandi Kani Nandi’ during the pre-release event of ‘Baahubali 2’. Those lyrics reminded her of Rajamouli’s Mother and she didn’t look at the stage from then onwards. After reaching home, Rama watched the pre-release event footage on Youtube and found out that the picture of her Mother-in-Law was showed on the giant screen during that episode.

Team Baahubali has to work so hard for Anushka’s de-glamorized look. She used to get rashes when applied make-up and hence experts have been consulted.