NTR Fans Hating RGV!?


NTR-Fans-Hating-RGVRam Gopal Varma who has created a niche for himself at the start of his career through movies like Shiva, Rangeela and Satya is now surviving on cheap gimmicks.

He stooped down to such a level that he is ending up making porn web series.

Though RGV makes huge announcements that he is going to direct 1000 crore budgeted Nuclear, it is no more a reality.

Now he has given a press statement stating that he is going to direct the biopic on Legendary Ntr.

So far, there is no huge outburst from the public to what RGV has been doing.

But now, does he think we will be mute spectators if he really does direct the biopic on Ntr?

The way this project has been announced is on par with his movie Ice Cream.

Is this not a slap on the face of Telugu speaking people who believe Ntr as their godly figure?

RGV will have to face the ire of Nandamuri Fans and the people who love legend Ntr.

We are sure that he will make this flick a comedy of sorts and make us bend our heads down with shame in front of audience.

Ironically, what is Balakrishna, Jr Ntr and Chandra babu doing? Why are they mum on this cheap gimmick played by RGV on legendary Ntr?