NTR fans not pleased with Bigg Boss!


Bigg-Boss-HouseAs the days go by, the craze for Telugu Bigg Boss is slowly going downwards and even the fans of Jr. NTR who supported the show without any second thoughts and bashed whoever had a slightest negative opinion, are also coming out with all guns blazing in scolding the makers of the show.

Fans of Jr. NTR, like to see him always as a King and they can’t really digest him praising some other actors who in their opinion don’t deserve. Apparently, they are bummed with the actor praising and clapping for the kind of celebrities that have come for the show and for them, NTR trying to get people excited has not gone down well for them.

They are bashing the makers for not finding someone worth while of a praise from NTR. Makers of Bigg Boss have noticed their anger and they don’t this to go to NTR’s notice as the actor values his fans opinions very high. At the end of the day, the actor has decided to sign the contract and take a remuneration of one crore per episode for all the seven days he will be shooting for the show. So, the actor might continue for this season and consider about continuing as a host for next season as the fans are at this point, unhappy about it.