NTR loves that Song of Allu Arjun


NTR-and-Allu-ArjunAn interesting incident which took place during the Sunday episode of Bigg Boss. Singer Kalpana who faced the elimination imitates the each of the Housemate and sung a song which is close to their character. For Adarsh Balakrishna, She chose ‘Mr.Perfect’ song from ‘Arya 2’.

After Kalpana completed the track, NTR intervened to say he loves that song very much, especially the lines ‘Medi Pandu Lanti Man Veedando – Man Hole Lanti Mind Veedidhando – Cheatando Cheapando – Gajibiji Puzzle Ando’.

Though Tarak didn’t mention the name of Allu Arjun, The way he handled the situation is being appreciated by everyone. Such gestures will always create a healthy atmosphere in the Industry.

Finally, 10 Participants remained in Bigg Boss House by the end of 4th Week with the inclusion of Diksha Panth and Navdeep through Wild Card entry.