NTR and Suma, gang up on Brahmaji!


NTR-and-Suma,-BrahmajiAt audio functions, the camaraderie between the actors is the most interesting thing that the audience look forward other than the songs and trailers of the film. Fortnight at the Jai Lava Kusa audio function, anchor Suma and Jr. NTR ganged up on actor Brahmaji and teased him to no end.

Brahmaji entered the film Industry back late 1980’s as we can see him playing characters in popular movies like Shiva, Antham and then he became a lead with Sindhuram in 1997. Post that too, he continued to play the character roles. Even though he is aged, he looks fit and likes to not reveal his real age in public. Using this aspect, Suma used to tease him multiple times and he too reciprocates by using her husband Rajeev Kanakala to crack jokes on her.

At Jai Lava Kusa audio event too, Suma started it off by asking Brahmaji what is his age and for that the actor replied, ” It feels like I have been from long time because I entered in my childhood but I’m just 32 years of age.” Suma continued to tease him and Jr. NTR joined her by calling him an actor who entered Chennai during with Chittoor Nagayya and further teased him saying he saw him during Seetharamaraju shooting using toupe to cover his baldness.

Even though he tried to comeback with one-liners and punches, Brahmaji could not match up to them and took it all in the good nature. To continue this, Jr. NTR made his father, Nandamuri Harikrishna to call him his big brother and all the people present on the dais came alive. You have to watch the clip to laugh out loud