NTR will be a Great Man one day: Sr Actress


NTR-and-TulasiSenior Actor Tulasi got emotional while speaking about Jr NTR in a live TV Interview.

Tulasi: ‘I have neither seen NTR off the screen nor acted with him before. Still, I like him very much. Not just Me, Even My son likes him a lot. Though we haven’t met before, NTR came to receive Me stopping the shoot of an important scene abruptly. ‘Ayyo Amma..Meekenduku Amma..Nenu Vastunnanu’ – these were the words he said after seeing Me. I came to know what he is after meeting him’.

‘I heard a lot about NTR. He is someone who lives by his word, very well behaved and a good person. He is a plain-hearted person and highly talented. NTR willn’t stop here he will be a great man one day. He isn’t just an actor but an inspirational personality. My prediction has never gone wrong’.

‘While acting in ‘Darling’, I spoke about Prabhas see where he is Today. Mahesh Babu see how much patience he have! At least, I had acted with them before, but this is the first time I have seen Tarak. He called me ‘Amma’..Yes, I am like his Mother. NTR is gold Ee Abbayi Meru Chuse Abbayi Kadu..Ekkado Undalsina Abbayi’.