NTR’s Hardwork and Perfect Planning


Jai-Lava-Kusa-overseas-RighThere is no need to reiterate now that NTR Jr is a hard working actor. However, here is a short analysis of the actor’s perfect planning, dedication and hard work which together put both his upcoming film ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ and ‘Bigg Boss’ reality show on track.

When an actor essays dual role in a film, shoot obviously gets delayed. But, the shooting of NTR’s ‘Jai Lava Kusa’, a film in which the actor is essaying triple role, is being wrapped up ahead of schedule. As per the latest reports, entire talkie part shoot of Jai Lava Kusa has been wrapped up and only two songs are left to be shot besides minimal patch work.

NTR has to frequently change costumes and get into three different body languages during shooting, which is a tiresome process, but the actor has put up full commitment to meet the Dasara release deadline or the planned schedules wouldn’t have completed in time.

He is shooting during the week days for Jai Lava Kusa and allotting time for Bigg Boss show on Saturday and Sunday. Despite this strenuous work, he is maintaining unbelievable energy levels as the host of Bigg Boss and has single-handed put the show on top. The shoot of JLK has also been shifted to Pune in order not to let any delay hamper either of the actor’s two ongoing endeavors.

The entire shoot of JLK will be wrapped up by this month end, and the film is on track to hit screens on September 21. Thanks to NTR’s hosting, Bigg Boss show has also fared better than what was expected from it after the first episode.