They Offered Roles If I Spend A Night: Raai Laxmi


Raai-LaxmiCasting couch is one of the hot topics in almost every industry. The heroines these days are slowly opening up about their casting couch issue. Actresses like Andrea and Shraddha Das have gave open statements about casting couch incidents now and another beauty joined the list. She is none other than Raai Laxmi and she spoke very openly about the issue.

“Yes, there is casting couch in the industry and I have experienced it too. Though no one asked me directly, they tried to offer me roles if I spend the night with them. But, I immediately rejected such offers. People who come to the industry without having any background face these experience them more. They don’t have any other option. Either they have to sleep with the producers or get out of the industry.” Said Raai Laxmi. Recently actress Andrea also stated that the decision totally depends on the woman whether to spend the night with the person or not and Raai Laxmi also agreed to that. “Yes, that is totally a woman’s choice and no one forces them.” Added Raai Laxmi.

However Rai Laxmi stated that her opinion is completely based on the south industry and she doesn’t know anything about the casting couch issues in the Bollywood. Interestingly, her movie Julie 2 also featured the casting couch issue.