Officer Makes Profits For RGV!


Nagarjuna Akkineni has been a star hero in Telugu Cinema, ever since, Shiva became a huge Industry game changing hit.

Ram Gopal Verma, a debutante, by the time, created a huge impact with that film. Nagarjuna is appreciated by many for believing in talent and giving all the resources to succeed.

Now, the director and actor both of them are known faces throughout the country. When they were shooting in Mumbai, crowd mobbed the shooting spot to watch Nagarjuna and RGV in action.

Those videos are going viral too. As they both are uniting after a long gap of 25 years post their film, Govinda Govinda, Officer has become the most talked about film in Telugu Cinema.

The movie is said to be a new style action drama and RGV, even though appears to have lost his touch, Nagarjuna believed in him and the director promised to deliver.

We don’t know how much he will live up to his promise but the director knows, how to hype up his movie and get the pre-release business done.

Officer has been picked up by Amazon already and the digital rights sold to a handsome amount it seems. Almost, he recovered the budget and theatrical performance of the film is a bonus for him.

But the deal with Amazon in set in such a way that the Hindi-Telugu bilingual will stream online within two weeks of its release.

Director wants to make the movie a good hit theatrically too and he locked the runtime at a crisp 105 mins. The movie is said to be an out and out, cop action drama.

Post release, the movie may become a hit or a dud like all other recent RGV films, but Company, RGV home productions, will not run into losses. Clever deal, right?!!