OMG! Makeup Man Ruins Sindhu’s Face


If you are a fan of Badminton star PV Sindhu, who became the first Indian athlete to win an Olympic Silver medal, then you may want to sue the makeup artist who did this to her charming face.

Sindhu has turned the cover girl of Verve magazine’s June edition. With the kind of achievements under her belt at just 21, she was the perfect choice for the ‘Follow the dreams’ theme of the mag. The photo shoot was done at the iconic Falaknuma Place in Hyderabad.

However, after looking at this pic, one wonders how can someone so charming and appealing be made to look like this? Her makeup is a complete disaster. One has to take a look at some of the earlier cover pages featuring Sindhu to know how effortlessly and elegantly she can pull off any look.

The cameraman has already made a blunder by missing Sindhu’s charismatic smile on Verve cover, and the makeup artist made things worse with his disastrous work.OMG! Makeup Man Ruins Sindhu's Face