OMG! NTR is changing 42 pairs a day!


Jai-Lava-Kusa-Story-LeakedJr. NTR is doing an unique challenging film. These days not many actors are trying to do a dual role in films but he is doing a triple role in his ‘Jai Lava Kusa’. Some years back Megastar Chiranjeevi and before him actors like Krishna, Krishnam Raju, NTR, ANR acted in such films but in the latest generation it is Jr. NTR who is trying out three roles in a movie.

Now, he is shooting for the movie in Pune and in a Mahal they are canning a song and few scenes. But for this song, Jr. NTR is having to work even harder as per the sources. In this song, all three characters will be seen and for this he is changing his body language and also clothes constantly. In fact he is changing 12 clothes for each character and till now, he wore 42 pairs it seems. He has change his make up and also act like the character he is playing at that point. That is really a huge challenge.

As per the sources who are witnessing his transformation from one character into another are in awe of him. With Visual Effects and Motion capture technology available these days, actors can play any number of characters but it is upto them how much they variate and Jr. NTR is showing his prowess. Well, we can’t wait to watch him on screen, do you too?