OMG! You will be shocked to know Hollywood actresses remuneration!


Hollywood-actresses-remunerIn the list of richest people in world, Film Stars also have a place among the big Businessmen. The amount that our Superstars get for one year is also very high. If our superstars get so much for one year than how much will Hollywood Superstars be earning for one year? The actresses also get equal to the heroes. Forbes who list the richest people as prepared list with the top ten actresses earnings per year. In this list of worldwide richest heroines for the year, even one Asian actress has not been placed.

According to the list, Emma Stone who won Oscar for La La Land, has earned 26 Million Dollars with her new found huge success. She is on the top of the list. Following her closely, Jennifer Aniston earned 25.5 Million dollars in the second place. Emma Stone in the year of 2016 to 2017 has made money through branding of her movie, La La Land. In the third place, is the last year topper, Jennifer Lawrence with 24 Million Dollars. Last year, she topped with 52 Million Dollars and this year, she got less than half of that amount.

In the Top Ten list, there are world famous actresses like Charlize Theron, Emma Watson, Melissa McCarthy too. The total cumulative earnings of the actresses in Top ten list is quoted to be 172.5 Million Dollars and that is 16 percent less than last year earnings. In another week, the top ten list of Hollywood actors is also expected to come out. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson topped the list last year with 64.5 Million Dollars earnings! We have to see if he will top the list this year too!