One heroine’s EX is another heroine’s new BF!


heroine-EX-is-another-heroiThis is about a star heroine who has come to industry with some background. Nonetheless her talent cannot be underrated. Even though her success rate is not so great there is no short of her stardom or popularity. The reason is doing blockbusters with two big heroes in the industry.

She has slowed down in the recent times and has also become obese. Now film makers are going away from her for right reasons but the lady has not admitted her loss and is working at gym still to make a comeback!

On the other hand there is another heroine who was once a big star and who did films with all star heroes. Her career age itself is over 2 decade. With many controversies she has lost offers. Still she latches on to offers whatever that came to her and is going and touring foreign places and beach nations especially.

She is also a party animal and in the recent times she is seen with a top music director and hearsay that the two are in a relationship. Interestingly this music director was once in love with the other heroine we are talking. For some reasons they broke up but this other lady is madly behind the music director.

Shockingly the music director is younger than both these women. It is not difficult to guess who we are talking about!