It’s All In One Script: RGV


It seems Ram Gopal Varma is slowly moving on from the Sridevi death issue. He was continuously tweeting about India’s beloved actress for a few days but changed the topic today. He took potshots at the current politics in his typical style.

He tweeted that “Chidambaram, Karti his Son, Congress Corruption, BJP Vendetta, Money laundering, Nirav Modi, bank scams, Indrani mukherjea and Murder..ALL IN ONE.. Whoaaaa I doubt if the best of Bollywood scriptwriters can come up with a more wilder script than this.” Ever since Varma came up with this tweet, it has become a hot topic in the social media.

While some of the netizens were seen cracking jokes on current politics, Varma fans were seen suggesting him to make a ‘Sarkar’ kind of film with this script. One netizen suggested a title to the script ‘Scamsuthra’ with a caption NDA and UPA.