Only After Two Months


When big directors are teaming up with star heroes then the shooting will easily take place for a year or year and a half. So, the director has to focus on a single story the entire time. Directors like Sukumar won’t confirm the release date till the shooting gets completed. His latest release Rangastalam became a blockbuster.

The movie which came out as a periodic drama with a village backdrop is creating a sensation at the box office. To complete this movie Sukumar took one and half year. Now, this creative director is planning to enjoy his summer holidays with his family. Though he stated this before he hasn’t revealed where he was planning to go. It seems that the director has finally picked a holiday spot in America and this planning to spend quality time with his family.

Sukumar is stating that he is going to return only after 2 months and meanwhile he will continue his vacation by visiting two more countries. Whether it is with Bunny or with Prabhas, his upcoming movie will be based on this story he selects. Sukku hasn’t taken any decision till now, but it is clear that he will start working only after the holidays.