Only Three Hits In This Year So Far: Nag


‘Goodachari’ came as a pleasant surprise to not only the general public but also the Industry folks. Who would have expected a low-budget flick to be on par with Hollywood Standards? Team Goodachari has nailed it!

Akkineni Nagarjuna who was the chief guest for the success meet of ‘Goodachari’ is Hyderabad showered praises on the whole Team for delivering an unbelievable output. He had gone to the extent of saying ‘Goodachari’ will inspire countless people just like ‘Shiva’ (1989). The manner in which he spoke gave an impression that there is nothing he didn’t like about the Spy Thriller. In fact, Nag declared there are only Three Solid Hits in Telugu Film Industry in this year so far. When he mentioned they are ‘Rangasthalam’, ‘Mahanati’ and ‘Goodachari’, Adivi Sesh was literally jumping in joy.

Much to the shock of many, Nagarjuna wondered whether if the people in the Industry are so lazy/inefficient or lack the knowledge of how to make films like ‘Goodachari’.

Actually, Nagarjuna is the co-producer of ‘Chi La Sow’ which released along with ‘Goodachari’ on August 3rd. One should have a big heart to do it when both films were still running in the theatres. It’s a sign that good films will always get due respect!

Team Goodachari considers Nagarjuna comparing their flick with his career-defining film ‘Shiva’ is a huge compliment. What else they can ask for?