Opening Scene Of NTR’s Biopic


NTR biopic is slowly moving forward. As director Teja backed out from this project, it got delayed. Otherwise the project would have been have completed by now. The movie was already been launched and Balayya is all set to start the shooting of the film.

The movie is going to feature all the important episodes in NTR’s life. We can confidently say that anyone cannot embed his entire life in a single film. So, to kick start the movie they selected a vital scene. The public meeting (Bahiranga Sabha) in Tirupati will definitely be one of the most important episodes of NTR and as per the reports, it is going to be the starting scene of the movie. The meeting which brought a sharp change in the politics is going to be the opening scene of NTR’s biopic.

Even the shooting is also going to get started with this scene. To can this episode a huge set is designed near Chilkuru Balaji temple. Fans arr much likely to get invited for this event and with the entry of Balayya in a helicopter the scene is going to be the highlight of the film.