Oxygen for Actress Anjali


Anjali-GeethanjaliEvery heroine needs a break in career to reach the top position. Whether it’s glamorous or performance oriented, a heroine has to pass through at least one super hit movie to find the right path and position in career. Likewise, ‘Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ is a path breaking film in Telugu multi star flicks which also offered is the native Telugu talent of Anjali who went off the radar later on due to controversies surrounding her personal life.

Now, this is the time for Anjali to enjoy a break and make a comeback strongly which is given in the form of ‘geethanjali.’ As per inner reports, the horror comedy script offered by Kona Venkat is sure to provide the much needed oxygen to Anjali’s career and she is here to live a long career. When a native Telugu girl is seen in a perfect Telugu script, it’s something may be like ‘geethanjali.’

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