Pandit Raviteja To Beat Kill Bill Pandey


Untitled-1(3)These days comedy king Brahmanandam is seen nowhere in any big hit. Various reasons are being spelled for his disappearance but whatever it may be, he’s coming back with super power on August 21st as “Kick 2” is hitting the scenes.

In director Surender Reddy’s Kick, Brahmi mesmerised with his comedy as Halwa Raj. This just went to peaks when he appeared as Special Officer Kill Bill Pandey who has ‘frustration’ to the peaks. The whole climax episode of Race Gurram turned hilarious and belly bursting due to his terrific acts. And here comes an extension to Kill Bill Pandey, as Brahmi turns “Pandit Raviteja” with Kick 2. He has taken the name of Raviteja itself in a Raviteja film to trigger more laughs.

None other than Mass Raja revealed this. He’s confident that “Pandit Raviteja” is going to be 200% hilarious than Kill Bill Pandey. Wait till 21st to feel this comedy punch.