Patas Comedian Arrested By Police


With the advent of new comedy shows in the TV channels, several artists achieved popularity and most of them settled down in their life with good income. Bari Nagaraju Alias Narender is also a comedian who became popular with ETV comedy show Patas. But the comedian has chosen a wrong path to earn additional income which landed him into troubles.

Going into the details, Nagaraju used to work as a house construction labourer. He became popular after he got a chance in comedy show Patas. He started living luxurious life after he became popular. To continue his lifestyle he started stealing in others homes. Just like professional thieves he used to recce the homes on his bike before he goes there for stealing. He used to target the locked houses for his mission.

When police received many complaints in the area, they have arrested him with proofs. Chaitanyapuri police have revealed that they have recovered Rs.22 lakh worth gold from him.