Pawan fans, don’t react to everyone!


Pawan-fansThis is not us who are asking Pawan fans to not react. NO.. NO .. NO. We know Pawan Kalyan is the most craziest superstar in Telugu Cinema and his fans are highly intolerant towards those who try to criticise Pawan Kalyan. Even if you are a star hero or some one important, if you criticise Pawan, then you will see the wrath of his fans.

The star might not even react but fans will definitely give an answer. Recently, Mahesh Kathi, the critic from Tollywood, has become popular by his stint on Bigg Boss. He directed two small budget movies and has been acting in special cameos in many movies. He settled as a social media critic prior to his stint on Bigg Boss and post that he has been asked to come for interviews and share his views by TV channels. In one of the interviews, he criticised Pawan Kalyan and his political moves. Well, many Pawan fans are now calling on his mobile phone and warning him.

Knowing about this, Bunny Vasu, right hand man of Allu Aravind and producer of films like Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy, 100% Love, Kottha Janta has made the above request to Pawan fans. ” Many people have a right to share their opinions and please do not make those who are not known to anyone popular like this. If you give importance to those who are not popular and react to them, they get highly popular using this and don’t fall into the trap. Even I did react like this when I was in Praja Rajyam and I understood how wrong it was! So, don’t commit the same mistake, ” posted Bunny Vasu on his social networking handle. Let’s see how Pawan fans will react now.