Pawan Kalyan become Public Property


Pawan-Kalyan-become-Public-Pawan Kalyan become Public Property, Pawan Kalyan at Basanthi Audio launch, Pawan Kalyan speech at Basanthi Audio launch

Pawan Kalyan has become God for many Tollywood members. Every body from telugu film industry using him left and right. His recent statement that Film Industry Means -not just mega family heroes and he wants to see fresh & new faces in the industry, This has given a boost to small producers to use him as their brand ambassador to promote their films.

With the slip of Mahesh Babu from Top position , Pawan has become public property for every filmmaker in the industry., even his cutouts gives them power and publicity.

Recently, Pawan graced the triple platinum disk function of ‘Ali Baba Okkade Donga’ film  in form of a cutout. In this function, the photos of Ali with Pawan Kalyan turned to be the center of attraction.