Pawan Kalyan Factor Crucial in Nandhyal?


Pawan-Kalyan-FactorJana Sena President Pawan Kalyan a few days ago, announced that he will reveal the party’s opinion about the Nandhyal By-election very soon. As Nandhyal is going for the by-election on 23rd of this month, TDP and YSR Congress are waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s announcement on the same.

Pawan Kalyan fans and Balija voters can be influenced by Pawan Kalyan’s decision and so both the parties feel his factor will be crucial. Political Analysts feel that he will be either neutral or support TDP in this elections.

Bhuma Family is close to Pawan Kalyan since their association from Praja Rajyam days. Akhila Priya is trying her level best to get the support of Jana Senani. It has to be seen what Pawan Kalyan does in this crucial elections!