Pawan Kalyan fans are YouTube Alexanders: Ram Gopal Varma


The Telugu film industry has taken serious note of director Ram Gopal Varma’s admission that he provoked Sri Reddy’s comments against Pawan Kalyan. There are rumours that Officer, his upcoming film with Nagarjuna, may be in trouble and that Pawan Kalyan fans may target him (RGV) when he comes to Hyderabad for promoting his film.

RGV addresses all these issues and more.

Q Do you think that Officer will get into trouble because of the recent happenings regarding Sri Reddy and your involvement in it?
I have given a detailed explanation through multiple media and there’s nothing left for me to say. What’s Officer got to do with it? Both Nag and I are extremely happy with the way it has shaped up and we are looking forward to its release.

Q We hear the Telugu film industry might be forced to take action against you. Any comments?
This is all social media gossip by worthless people. Which person and which organisation in the industry can, will and for what reason, take action against me?

Q When you come here to promote your film, are you expecting Pawan Kalyan’s fans to disrupt your promotional events?
His fans are what I call ‘YouTube Alexanders’ . Beyond giving abuses and physical threats on camera, they are nothing more than jokers…I am not talking about all of them…only those who behave like goons.

Q Do you plan to take a step back and let Nagarjuna promote the movie alone as a safe option?
It’s my film as much as Nagarjuna’s and I will very much be there. Also, Nagarjuna has complete trust in me as a person.

Q Do you think Pawan’s fans will attempt to affect Officer’s collections?
If they can’t increase Agnyaathavaasi collections, how will they affect other films’ collections?

Q Will this controversy affect your film with Akhil?
Controversy is only in ignorant people’s minds. Akhil’s film will start immediately after Officer releases, which was and is the plan.

Q But there is an official announcement stating that Akhil is working for his next with director Venky Atluri?
That has already started, but he is doing some back-to-back schedules with me too.