Pawan Kalyan fires on Bruce Lee movie


Pawan-KalyanA new incident to place on Mega Star 60th Birthday which made the brother of Mega Star angry. After that incident both the elder brothers of Mega Star were angry on Pawan fans. They said in many places that Pawan fans are making nonsense and shouting for no reason. This incident made many fans of Pawan Kalyan angry. After this incident a new incident took place with mega star. Where a fan wished him twice and more times then Mega star scolded them.

Recently Mega Star did not allowed Pawan fans into Bruce Lee movie Audio launch. This incident made pawan kalyan angry upon his brothers. After this incident Pawan may not allow. Mega fans to his audio launch. All the Pawan fans were insulted by Mega star for not allowing them into the audio launch of Bruce Lee.