Pawan Kalyan one step away from politics


Pawan-Kalyan-one-step-away-Pawan Kalyan has been the hot topic for media, fans. He has humongous fan base as much as he is treated as a God by many. On flip side, the star do have detractors in form of anti-fans, few politicians. Yet he speaks his mind and does what he wants to do.

What’s buzz of tinsel town is that his political plans. Pawan’s presence at the audio launch of Basanthi has set new tongues wagging in T-town. The rumour mill is abuzz with the news that Pawan Kalyan is “back to politics” and that is perhaps the reason behind the delay of Gabbar Singh 2. Interestingly, his simple dress- Kurta, Pyjama- at Basanthi audio function added much to this speculation. Especially, people who saw him at his white Pyjama and Khaddar Kurta can’t be silent without drawing comparisons to politicians.

Pawan’s recent statement in TV interview too confirm that to an extent. Pawan told after the success of Attarintiki Daredi, ” I have never distanced myself from politics.” The former Yuva Rajyam president clearly hinted that he has not quit politics. All this suggest that Pawan Kalyan is just one step away from politics.

With general elections around the corner and the State suffering from biggest crisis- not just bifurcation but its people are polarized on regional lines, the big question on many lips: Is Pawan Kalyan a ray of hope for Aam Aadmi? Well, as of now, only Pawan knows this and time will tell us more.