Pawan Kalyan Pays 3 Lakhs For The Damage Created By His Fans


Pawan-Kalyan-birthdayWOAH! Here is yet another reason to love this man. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, who earlier reacted on the Bheemavaram fan wars between his own fans and Prabhas fans, took over the responsibility of the issue as well.

He requested his fans not to get into this kind of fan wars and informed them that their act has caused him severe pain.

Now, the actor has paid 3 lakhs towards the damage of Government property, created by his fans. It is indeed amusing to see a hero, who cares for his nation as well as his fans. Pawan Kalyan took the issue quite seriously than anybody expected and had actually repaid for the loss created besides taking care of his fans from entering in to legal troubles.

The news of Pawan donating 3 Lakhs was confirmed by the Bheemavaram SI and the official has also appreciated the actor’s gesture.

“Though no body told him about the damage of Government property, the actor himself looked in to the issue and voluntarily donated the amount”, informed the official.