Pawan Kalyan promised to work with me: Giri Babu


Giri-BabuVeteran Actor, Giri Babu has worked with Legends like ANR, NTR, Krishna, Sobhan Babu and then transitioned to older roles with next generation heroes like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Balakrishna, Venkatesh and managed to act with Mahesh Babu, Ravi Teja, Jagapathi Babu, Allari Naresh in various movies as well. But he never worked with Pawan Kalyan and the actor also expressed his dissatisfaction over that.

Giri Babu in one of his interviews shared many things about his experiences in Telugu Industry and also about working with Pawan Kalyan. He said, ” I have learnt acting from the legends like ANR, NTR and also got to learn that there will be no permanent enemies or permanent friends in Film Industry and Politics. ANR and NTR did have their own issues during shifting Telugu Industry from Chennai to Hyderabad. But whenever Telugu Industry needed them they have put their differences aside and came forward to help. Even NTR and Krishna have become friends in the later stage after waging political warfare with each other for years.”

He continued, ” I’ve been an admirer of Chiranjeevi right from the first time I saw him act and told him too that he is a big star. I shared screen with him in many films and I cherish a great friendship with him even now. I like his attitude towards elders and I also encouraged Allu Ramalingayya garu to marry his daughter with Chiranjeevi promising him that he will be a big star one day. It is sad that we had to have an issue with our films during Kodamasimham time. His film producers got manipulated by few who saw our cowboy film with my son as hero, Indrajit that their movie won’t be hit if our film will release first. Kodamasimham did not become a hit as they announced the release overnight and preponed it to our date. Because of that we had to struggle hard and sell the movie for half price.”

On acting with Pawan Kalyan, ” I recently met him at his ongoing film shoot. My grandson is working there and I wanted to meet him as well. In our conversation, I asked why haven’t we worked together till now and he immediately asked Trivikram if he has any role for me in the film. Trivikram promptly said there is no role that suits me and Pawan promised that he will work with me in future if there is a role that suits me. I like his attitude and his honesty as a politician is a rare quality and that could help him to achieve bigger things,” said Giri Babu.