Pawan Kalyan Remuneration Rs.10 crore for just 10 minutes


Pawan-Kalyan1Pawan gave entry to the movie “Oh My God”. The film’s craze has increased rapidly with Pawan’s entry. Even though, Pawan has a little role in this movie, it seems to be a key character, which gives a turning point in the story as well as a kick to the audience. The Tollywood is making calculations, on how much amount Pawan has grabbed for his role in the movie…?

According to the film nagar talk, its no wonder, even he might collect Rs.10 crore for his 10 minutes role in the movie. Pawan’s close friend Sharath Mehrar is one of the film’s production partner. According to a gossip, Pawan has acquired a share in this movie and thats the reason, he involved his friend as one of the Producers of the movie. With the Pawan entry, the movie seems to make a huge business up to 40 crore. Even in that aspect as well, he may get Rs.10 crore as his share. That means Pawan has taken Rs.10 crore for just 10 minutes.