Pawan Kalyan spoke about his third marriage


pawan-kalyanRumours and superstar Pawan Kalyan have always gone hand in hand. In spite of so many rumours doing the rounds about the star, Pawan has always chosen to keep mum about them.

Similarly when the news of his third marriage to a foreign national broke, realms and realms of unsubstantiated gossip were written about the actor. However, yet again, Pawan chose to keep quiet.

When famous publication, India Today decided to do a story on the power star, many fans expected him to finally open up about his matrimonial life. But Pawan still refused to lower the veil of secrecy.

When questioned by the magazine as to how he deals with various conjectures on his personal life, Pawan said, that it is called personal for a reason, and he would like to keep it a personal issue and would not like to talk about it.

Maybe this is just another way of confirming his third marriage.